Hiwell’s Four Areas of Expertise

The company to undertake the project implement automatic control system of the project manager. The project manager is responsible for the system of project management, design, installation, commissioning and on-site technical service and so on whole project work, in order to meet the needs of users. A project meeting, coordinate the user’s requirements and internal related work, coordinate the project schedule, organize the implementation of the project, the organization factory authorized test, coordinate system, arrange shipment commissioning and acceptance testing, Responsible to ensure that projects on time, according to the contract, all required.

Project engineer at the end of the contract according to the system design, system installation, system configuration, Complete system database configuration, reports, programming, display screen generation and other application programming, etc.; And according to the contract to provide the system project material. System configuration, the application of engineering design and system debugging is finished, packaging and delivery in the system before, the project manager will be in conjunction with the user to factory authorized test system.

Strategy Planning

All implementations first undergo careful analysis to ensure satisfaction of business requirements

Identifying key requirements

Planning the implementation of new systems must be aligned with organizational objectives

Enterprise Asset Management

the implementation of real-time business intelligence, providing real-time business measurements

Managing your systems

This automated approach is critical in addressing business variables which fluctuate so rapidly that they are difficult for operators to control manually.

System Implementation

Evolving traditional methods of analysis with new technology

Utilizing the DCS

Distributed control system has helped shape our industry and changed the way our clients work

Project Management

Important to ensure that projects are on time, according to the contract, and meeting all requirements

Everything goes as planned

The project manager is responsible for the system of project management, design, installation, commissioning and on-site technical service

Industries We Serve

Hiwell’s network spans several industries that produce the bare necessities that we all take for granted everyday. From electricity to gas, it is fascinating to realize the impact it makes on society as a whole. As we integrate better technology into the industries we serve, the cleaner and more efficient society becomes. Click on the tabs to learn more

Benefits of Hiwell Technology

      • Full-service technical team that delivers end-to-end implementations
      • Utilizing a global network of suppliers, project engineers and support teams.
      • Unlimited 24 hour technical support
      • On-site user training for all project implementations
      • Access to the industries most efficient and advanced technologies in the marketplace.