Systems Engineering

The company to undertake the project implement automatic control system of the project manager. The project manager is responsible for the system of project management, design, installation, commissioning and on-site technical service and so on whole project work, in order to meet the needs of users

Project Management

A project meeting, coordinate the user’s requirements and internal related work, coordinate the project schedule, organize the implementation of the project, the organization factory authorized test, coordinate system, arrange shipment commissioning and acceptance testing, Responsible to ensure that projects on time, according to the contract, all required

Systems Design

Project engineer at the end of the contract according to the system design, system installation, system configuration, Complete system database configuration, reports, programming, display screen generation and other application programming, etc.; And according to the contract to provide the system project material.

User Training

The company provide the company produces all kinds of control system of the operator, engineer training and senior maintenance training course, the location can be in Beijing, Shanghai, the United States, Singapore, etc.; Can also according to the user’s requirements to the user scene on training

On-Site Tech Support

System on arrival at the site, the project engineer will together with the collaborative users unpacking acceptance, installation guide, the system restore, system operation and site acceptance with, assist users, ensure the normal operation of the system. For emergencies, the company’s project/service engineers will respond within 24 hours.

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Hiwell Technology Inc. is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in industrial automation and control and enterprise management software implementation. Hiwell is located in Beijing CBD core area and branch offices in Shanghai, Xi’an, and Los Angeles. Hiwell has a wide network of users in various industries including electric power industry, petrochemical, natural gas, pipelines, chemical, paper, glass, steel, and several others.
To provide our clients with industry leading service through our many leading brands of technological innovation comprising of: FOXBORO, GE, OVATION, Avanties, Contineltal, Eurotherm, IMServ, InFusion, SimSci – Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware
We have a professional team of talented individuals with the ability to integrate diverse systems, in order to help users make better and faster decisions. We help our customers to synchronize operations at the factory level and management level, to meet the requirements of modern factories and consolidated production goals and business objectives.
For decades the Foxboro I/A Series® distributed control system has helped shape our industry and changed the way our clients work, proudly improving plant-wide operations, performance and asset utilization in the manufacturing enterprise. Today the I/A Series system has evolved into a process automation system that will, again, change everyone–Foxboro Evo. Foxboro Evo extends proven I/A Series technology, Foxboro control expertise and leverages Triconex safety solutions to even further protect your plant’s operational integrity, enhance the operational insight of your people and future-proof your business. Foxboro Evo extends the Continuously Current philosophy, maintaining multi-generation interoperability and ensuring easy upgrades for our I/A Series customers installed base. Learn more about the I/A Series evolution below.
The Enterprise Control journey typically begins with the implementation of real-time business intelligence, providing real-time business measurements that are effectively visualized and made available to every key function in the organization. The next step is to bring critical business variables under automatic control within each plant and across the industrial enterprise. This automated approach is critical in addressing business variables which fluctuate so rapidly that they are difficult for operators to control manually.

The Foxboro SCADA system consists of world class RTUs, including the specialized SCD5200 for substation and electrical applications. The SCD2100 and SCD2200 RTUs are ideal for a wide variety of SCADA applications such as oil and gas pipelines, well heads, water and wastewater, tank farms, and more. The Foxboro SCADA offering is also backed up by globally recognized solutions for industrial power management, power generation, oil and gas pipelines, and water.

Hiwell Utilizes the Industries Best Products with Remarkable Service!